To avoid cheating, a wife has to be her husband’s sex toy

To avoid being cheated on, a housewife has to be her husband’s sex toy and stop tying APC wrapper says Oge Asiegbu, wife of famous Nollywood actor Ejike Asiegbu.

Oge Asiegbu posted a sexy picture of herself sitting on a couch wearing a short armless gown with her right nipple slightly displayed.

On the photo which she posted on Instagram ,she wrote:

“If every housewife should start dressing like this at home, there wouldn’t be so much story about cheating. Stop tying APC wrapper for your chest. #showoff #sexy #wife.”

Oge Asiegbu

But another Nollywood actress was quick to address her post by reminding her that no matter how hot a woman dresses, a man who would cheat would still cheat.

Uchenna Nnanna said:

“I disagree with you on this nnem. Any man that wants to cheat will cheat, it’s not about how you dress. It’s a thing of the mind.”

But Oge Asiegbu was not done. She responded thus:

“A point you have made nnem but this situation will help a lot and reduce cheating. Maybe you haven’t seen how some women tie wrapper with hair net up and down even to school runs.”

Another person commented on this post and asked Oge Asiegbu if she wants women to become their husbands sex toys.

Salon Acapella PH asked: So to be housewife now means being a sex toy?

And Oge Asiegbu said: For your husband,  yes.

Oge Asiegbu

This woman is clearly delusional. She hasn’t seen where irresponsible men leave their sexy, hot wives and cheat with smelly, badly dressed house helps and ladies.

I don’t know why women keep hounding other women all the time about doing so many things just to keep husbands from cheating.

What are men doing to keep their wives from cheating or don’t women see men hotter and sexier and richer than their husbands?

Do these women rush to cheat on their husbands because they are wearing bland boxers all over the house? Why do we excuse cheating for men based on women’s dressing and bodies?

How many married men take time to look hot and sexy for their wives? How many married men have six packs and dress sexy just to keep their wives.

This Oge Asiegbu that is dishing out unsolicited advice to wives, how does her husband look? Does he dress well? Ejike Asiegbu has eight to ten packs. Does it mean she can cheat on him because he doesn’t look sexy?

While I understand the need for women to dress well and look sexy, let’s not make it a rule that if you do that, your husband won’t cheat. We know that’s not realistic.

You can’t keep a man who doesn’t want to be kept. The only thing that keeps a man is a man who wants to be kept. Fidelity is expected from monogamous relationships and it should be the responsibility of both parties.

You can’t stop an unwilling man from cheating on you in different languages if you like dress like Beyonce all the time. He has to respect you, your wedding vows and be disciplined enough not to cheat on you.

I am glad many women schooled Oge Asiegbu because of that post. We are tired. We are tired of being told what to do to keep men faithful and interested in us. It is enough.

Let’s focus on making money, building empires and creating enduring businesses that will stand the test of time. Life isn’t all about keeping husbands and talking about sexy dressing to reduce cheating.

There’s so much more to a woman’s life for her to be reduced to a mere sex toy just to keep a man from cheating. She will waste her life trying to keep the man interested in her.

A man has to decide to be faithful to his wife first. It’s his duty. We should stop excusing this irresponsible behaviour and stop indirectly blaming women for getting cheated on.


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  1. Umar Usman Shehu says:

    The later comment on this subject was well articulated. Yes, I’m a man and without the pride of exemption, we must be made to respect and appreciate, if not anything, the humongous sacrifice our wives do to keep their homes. Just like those natural expectations on a wife, to be loyal to her husband, the men also must be responsible enough to respect their wives, marrital vows and beliefs to stay away from cheating.

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