Side chic and her married lover’s wife clash

A side chic who has been dating a married man for months got more than she bargained for when she confronted her rival.

The side chic sent a message to her married lover’s wife claiming he was playing both of them.

Side chic told wife that they have been dating for eight months and are planning to have kids but that her husband told her that she has refused to sign the divorce papers he sent her.

Wife replied that she’s been with her husband for eight years and they have been married for three years. She also dropped a bombshell -she’s currently pregnant. They have two children already and the third one is on the way.

Wife also informed side chic that they are not getting a divorce as the information was completely new to her. Her husband never presented her with divorce papers.

Side chic versus married lover’s wife

Side chic went ahead to ask wife how many months she was and if she was keeping the baby. She told wife that husbandman showed her messages where wife said she hated him and wanted him out of her life.

She also told wife that her husband has been living with her off and on for a while now and he cums in her whenever they have sex, so what is wife saying?

Wife responded by saying “Of course, I am keeping our baby. I am eight months pregnant and this is fucking outrageous. Those text messages are false and he told me he was staying with his mother. Girl, that man is playing you like a damn fiddle.”

Side chic now became pathetic by asking wife if she was sure her pregnancy was her husbands? She says she feels like wife is trying to trap her husband.

Wife fired back and warmed her not to play on her fucking phone and still insisted that her pregnancy belongs to get philandering husband.

These women are just funny and pathetic at the same time.




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