My husband’s cousin told my four year old daughter to show him her vagina

A woman sent me a message telling me how her husband’s 17-year-old cousin told their four year old daughter to show him her vagina after he flipped out his penis to show her while they were in a room alone.

Read the story below:

Good morning Kate. My daughter is four years old. She just clocked four in May.

On Saturday, I went with my husband and the children(two of them) to his family house because he wanted to check the condition of the place so as to know what needed to be repaired.

His stepmom and cousin stay in one of the flats. His cousin is a 17-year-old boy who is in SS2. His step mum came to help me take care of my two children when I gave birth to both of them so my children think she is their grandma because my MIL is late.

After about one hour in their house, I dropped my children with the woman and quickly rushed to the market because the boy had gone to church or wherever he went to.

When I returned, this was the conversation between my four-year-old daughter and I:

DAUGHTER: Mummy, do you know what Uncle A (my husband’s 17-year-old cousin) told me??

ME: Is he around?

DAUGHTER: Yes. He came back to the house after you left for the market.

ME: Okay, so what did he tell you?

He wanted my four year old daughter to show him her vagina

DAUGHTER: He took me to the room and brought out his penis and said it is his “toy”. He now told me to remove my pant and show him my own toy.

*******At this time, I tried to remain calm so as not to scare her and prevent her from telling me more. My heart was in my mouth already.

ME: So what happened?

DAUGHTER: I told him that my mummy told me that no boy should see or touch my pant. And my mummy told me that my own is not toy o. It is called vagina.

Then I started screaming Grandma’s name and Grandma came to the room to carry me outside.

ME: Did you tell Grandma what he told you?

DAUGHTER: Yes, now. She said I should shut up and that I should not tell you or my Daddy.

Immediately I heard, I called my husband, the Grandma and the boy into the sitting room and cleared the air. He didn’t deny. Neither did grandma.

Well, as I am writing this, the boy has lost a tooth to the heavy blow my husband gave him. I am heavily pregnant so I couldn’t do to him as I wished.

Kate, I thank God that I have been very open with sex matters with my daughter since she was 2. It was early but she got my message. Hubby was so proud of me.

As for that Grandma who tried to shut her up, I told her how disappointed I was.

Please lets teach our children to speak out when they should. Children should know the names of their private parts and how important it is to them.

For Christ’s sake, this girl is just four. What did he want to see her vagina for? I have been asking myself.”


I had goosebumps reading this story. My heart was in my mouth. I couldn’t breathe for a while. Why in God’s name does a 17 year old want in a four year old’s vagina?

Dear mothers, call body parts by their names. Stop telling children lies about their anatomy. Penis is penis. Vagina is vagina.

Educate them about sexual abuse. Be free and friendly with them so that they can trust you enough to tell you when someone tries to touch them inappropriately.



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