How to deal with facebook monitoring spirits

There are monitoring spirits in Facebook. These monitoring spirits are people like you and I. They have facebook accounts, send you friend request but don’t relate with you.

They are visibly online but they don’t contribute anything meaningful and sensible to your posts on Facebook. They monitor your posts and pictures just to antagonize you.

When they meet you in person, they start talking about how you are always on facebook and how your posts might send the wrong messages to people.

It is worse if you are an opinionated, intelligent, assertive, rich, successful and outspoken single lady. You are in for it. They feel entitled to giving you unsolicited advice.

They will remind you that men don’t like such women and that you might be driving away prospective suitors by stating your mind and giving your opinions on issues.

These monitoring spirits won’t hesitate to report you to your parents and family members because of the things you post on facebook.

Some of these monitoring spirits also report wives who are outspoken on facebook to their husbands. They tell these husbands to gag their wives and ban them from social media so that they won’t start rubbing shoulders with them at home.

How to deal with facebook monitoring spirits

Some of these monitoring spirits who don’t relate with their facebook friends are the ones who are quick to point out your weaknesses. They use what they know about you against you whenever the need arises. They are sad, pathetic creatures.

I dealt with one recently and I am sure he won’t come close to me in a long time. If you continue entertaining the negativity and toxicity or these people, they will continue to mess with you.

Nip their intruding behaviour in the bud immediately. Tell them off. Tell them you know what they are doing and warn them decisively to stop making your life their project. Tell them to focus on their own lives and make it better.

Here’s what transpired between me and one facebook monitoring spirit recently and MS stands for monitoring spirit:

MS: I saw the picture you posted on Facebook this morning

ME: Oh, okay. I forgot you are still on my friends list on Facebook sef.

MS: You are looking good. I must commend you for a job well done.

ME: Thank you.

MS: But I think you are overdoing it.

ME: Overdoing what?

MS: You are okay the way you are. I don’t know why you are still going to the gym.

ME: Are you okay or did you smoke something?

MS: Why are you insulting me now? Did I say anything wrong?

ME: You don’t have the right to tell me what to do.

MS: I think you have a boyfriend in that gym and that’s why you go there everyday. A woman can’t be so serious about exercising if she doesn’t have an admirer cheering her on.

ME: I think your madness is just starting and you need to be locked up in a mental institution.

Walks away.

I just discovered that women who go to gym have boyfriends there who are cheering them on.

Adjusts my push up bra and squats some more.

Nonsense and monitoring spirits.

MS is a guy and I will block him after he reads this post.


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