Many women lose their senses while waiting for men to treat them right

I have seen too many women lose their senses while waiting for their men to come to theirs.

They waste away praying for these men to change. They fast, pray, cry and beg their men to treat them right.

They endure emotional and psychological abuse because people tell them that as long as it’s not physical, it is okay.

These women take in everything dished out to them until their delicate hearts can take no more. They become older than their mates.

Society tells these women that God hates divorce yet they turn a blind eye to the many irresponsible acts of their men.

Some women lose their senses while waiting for men to treat them right

Woman, your life is in your hands. Don’t allow anyone keep treating you bad because you love them. Be wise.

After I wrote this post, someone told me that I just described her life with her ex husband.

She said: “You just described the things I did when I was dumb. I drive all the way from Isolo to Ilaro in ogun state every Tuesday to pray at one programme held on one mountain.

I was driving one day and thinking aloud, I kept saying to myself what if I get into an accident and I die, what will be my parent’s gain.

I received a brain reset that day. I hope those in this kind of mess realizes the harm they are subjecting themselves to.”

Another woman also told me her story. She took charge of her life after struggling to get over her ex.

“When I left my abusive ex, I nearly ran back to Egypt. I would tell myself at least I would be married even though he was emotionally and psychologically damaging my self esteem.

Now I look back and I can’t believe how happy I am with my kids. I’m back in College. I know you may have fear of the unknown, fear of being stigmatized but believe me if he is intentionally destroying you even in the presence of the children, reconsider.”


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