The lies society tell women about relationships

There are some lies society tells women about relationships and it is sad that some women have believed these lies over the years.

One of the lies they tell women is that marriage changes men. It’s a sham. Marriage doesn’t change a bad person. Don’t be fooled.

A bad boyfriend won’t automatically become a good husband. A man you fought other women to marry won’t become faithful because of a wedding ring.

A man who doesn’t respect you, your feelings and your family members won’t suddenly become a good husband, a supportive partner and a great son-in-law.

Another lie society tells women is that if you get married as a virgin, your husband will always respect you and you will treat you like a Queen. Don’t deceive yourself.

The lies society tell women about relationships

We have heard stories about women who got married as virgins and ended up with terrible husbands who don’t blink before disrespecting them even before friends and neighbors.

I’m not saying that keeping your virginity is wrong. If as a woman, you wish to keep yourself sexually pure because that’s what you truly want, that’s fantastic.

But don’t remain a virgin because you are keeping your virginity for man so that he will respect you. You maybe be unpleasantly shocked if things turn out badly.

One of the lies this society also sold to women for centuries is that it is their duty to keep their marriages. This is why we see many women groaning under the weight of abusive and dysfunctional marriages.

It is the duty of both partners to keep their marriage vows and make sure their relationship is going smoothly. You can’t keep a marriage all by yourself. You will kill yourself.

You might end up with mental and psychological breakdown if you are the only fighting to keep your relationship or marriage intact. Don’t do that to yourself. Your partner has to play his roles too.

Nigerian women should stop allowing these lies society tells them drive them down the road of madness. Live your life on your own terms.

Do what’s best for you. Demand fidelity and accountability from your partner. Speak up for yourself. Refuse to die to keep a dysfunctional relationship.



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