And before she knew it, everything that had ever broken her, created a life many will never get to see -Busola Dakolo

After exposing pastor Fatoyinbo for raping her as a teenager, Busola Dakolo took to her Instagram page to share an inspirational quote about what happened to her.
The quote says:
And before she knew it, everything that had ever broken her, created a life many will never get to see. she isn’t hiding from fear, she is what happens when fear trembles and becomes another chapter in a story that will be read out loud with pride and strength, from a voice which had been silenced for too long.”
But some people are attacking her for speaking out. so many people are questioning why she chose to speak out now. some claimed it was consensual sex and that she is just crying wolf because Pastor Fatoyinbo is now a famous and successful pastor.

Busola Dakolo

Blessing Chukwunyere said:
The story is really somehow. You didn’t shout for help bcos your duplex was big, your sister was at home, you didn’t cry to her immediately it happened. Even if he raped her, I tell you the truth she must have been seducing the man. I think the lady needs to forgive herself, because God has forgiven both of them.
Agada Esther said:
The girls story doesn’t add up, simple.
If you were actually raped, it’s a traumatic experience that can be recalled vividly. This story reeks of falsehood.
Humphrey Joseph said:
Too bad for her family. But why this long to speak up. If it can’t be said at the beginning, I shouldn’t be said now coz it causes more damage now. Since it has come to limelight, the indisputable truth would be revealed.
Ivan Giddy said:
It doesn’t add up. He didn’t confirm if anyone was home, he just came into your house and pushed you to the chair and started pulling off….hmmm. Madam you invited him. What do I know sef, just saying.


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