She added, ‘If you haven’t experienced trauma, pls shut it. I wasn’t raped but when he grabbed my tits, I froze out of fear before I realised that I could run and run I did’.

Adesua Etomi has a piece of advice for Nigerians

It is appalling that some Nigerians are defending sexual predators and rapists while conveniently blaming the victims for not reacting in certain way.

I have read different comments and posts from men and women alike poking holes in Busola Dakolo story without condemning the inappropriate actions of a supposed man of God.

I have seen people make silly remarks about her being a runs girl and having a child out of wedlock. I have read the posts of men calling her a slut for trying to bring down the ministry of a man of God.

One thing is clear, people are now speaking up about the sexual harassment and abuse they have suffered at the hands of heartless, irresponsible and disrespectful men. So, a lot of men are afraid. They are afraid that their past will come back to haunt them.

If you are still asking why Busola Dakolo waited this long to tell her story of rape, it seems you are afraid of your own past catching up with you. Otherwise, address the real issue or shut up.