The honourable thing to do is to step down, Lala Akindoju tells Pastor Fatoyinbo

Lala Akindoju says that the honourable thing for Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo to do is step down from the pulpit until investigations of all the allegations against him are completed.

Lala Akindoju said through a series of tweets that when a church worker is found in a situation that the church doesn’t agree with, which includes getting pregnant before wedlock or going through divorce, they are asked to sit down first until the matter is resolved. Some people get suspended and others end up leaving the church.

According to her, these are things put in place by ministries to ensure discipline. Even though she feels differently about some of these measures, she has no choice but to obey the doctrine of the church because the Bible commanded it. Usually, these measures are put in place to hold people accountable.

If the church can do this to its members, why isn’t the church publicly asking this pastor to step down? There are definitely closed door meetings etc but when a worker is benched for misconduct, it is not done behind closed doors.

Some people have not been able to recover after going through some of these disciplinary actions. Therefore, the passion with which we suspend workers when they do wrong is the same passion e should use to tell this pastor to step down until further notice.

Lala Akindoju tells Fatoyinbo to step down from the pulpit

The honourable thing to do is to step down. Step down first! Step down! Anybody that thinks otherwise is part of the problem. The boldness to get on a pulpit and wield more support says a lot.

The allegations are too many, and too similar- everyone should demand that this man steps down. Every spiritual leader should encourage him to step down. Publicly too.

If your daughter, sister or wife told you a pastor raped her I am certain it won’t be a day for theories. I am certain you would race to his/her church and demand that they get off that pulpit immediately.

I am sure you will gather as much support as you can to ensure another person doesn’t fall victim because you will say your daughter/sister/wife would not just wake up and accuse someone of a crime so grave.

Justice will come. We should all encourage that. The church will never remain the same again. No pastor will get away with abuse after this- healing is coming, justice is coming. The culture of silence will stop.

We are the church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

Lala Akindoju to pastor Fatoyinbo


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