Brethren, the church is under attack

Let me start this month by saying my mind about the church being under attack.

“Brethren, the church is under attack!” I have seen and read the above phrase so many times these past few days.

Isn’t it amazing that we don’t cry this much about the church being under attack when terrorists lay camp to our worship places and make fellowship impossible in certain places in the country?

Don’t you find it amazing that the church is not under attack when your god of men gives false prophecies sunrise to sundown, deviating from the gospel of Christ?

The church is not under attack when you are robbed, manipulated and abused in the name of God. Just look around you and the quality of lives we claim to lead for a nation steeped in deep ‘spirituality’. Is the church not under attack here? Are you not the church anymore?

Isn’t it amazing that the church is not under attack when your doctrines/teachings make you hate your brother and sister in other churches and faiths?

Tell me something. Why don’t you say the church is under attack when your pastors make bed with corrupt and vile politicians, giving your oppressors platform to make a jest of you?

Why is the church only under attack when we find our voices and demand for righteousness after being silenced and turned down for so long?

Why is the church only under attack when we call for accountability? Or when we expose abuses and the evil practices you rather we pretend don’t exist. Why is the church only under attack when we name and shame our predators, some which are you yourselves?

Is this what you call your ‘church”? Where evil comes home to roost and make boast with no check?

The church is under attack some people say

People of God,

If asking and demanding for justice, accountability and righteousness brings ‘your’ church under attack, then by all means let it be attacked.

It is such a crying shame that many of you ‘Christians’ have refused to know a fraction of the Jesus you claim to follow. Do you know Jesus? Do you know the Christ in your tags?

You think that Jesus will oppose a call and a cry for accountability? You think the church of Jesus is so fragile that asking questions and lashing out at iniquity will bring it to an end? You make me laugh.

Please rest, brethren. Don’t let the devil use you further.

God has raised an army. We are not backing down until sanity and righteousness is returned in us. Like Jesus, we will overturn and bring down the altars of evil and abuse. We are not playing religion and we are not afraid to scatter the falsehood you have let go on for so long.

God is with us. Hallelujah! At his very heartbeat is righteousness and justice. This gives me so much joy. The template of the gospel is that of accountability and justice and you think we are afraid to uncover the sham of what you call the church?

You think Jesus cares more about the image of ‘the church’ than the actual lives being ruined and torn apart from him? You think Jesus would rather deny the hurt happening in his gathering place than scream, flog, chase out and name the people using his father’s name to cause havoc?

We have moved and there is no stopping us. We come in his name and to Jesus be our glory, heaven rejoices.

Do have a very beautiful month dear friends.

Written by Enwongo C. Cleopas


Woman. Journalist. Writer. Blogger. Non Conformist. Rebel. Daring. Creative. Amazing. Unstoppable.

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