Lady found out her 8-year-old sister was raped while discussing Busola Dakolo’s case

A twitter user is heartbroken after she discovered her 8 year old sister was raped while discussing Busola Dakolo’s case.

She was so shaken that she called her mother over 50 times just to let her know what had happened to her baby sister.

In a series of tweets, she narrated how her family took the victim to the police station and to the hospital where it was discovered that the rape went on for months.

The details of the case were so gory that her mother fainted. But the little girl is receiving treatment in the hospital and the lady’s elder brother is in charge of bringing the rapist to book with the help of law enforcement officers.

8 year old girl raped

The young lady narrated how painful this is for her. She said that about 11pm last night, she was having discussion about the Busola Dakolo and pastor Abiodun Fatoyinbo of COZA issue with her sister.

Then she told her never to be afraid of speaking up when someone tries to rape her. She’s 19 and she told her sister that even if she visited a man and he tries to pull her, she should say no and if he forces himself on her, it’s rape.

According to her tweets:

Then she said if it’s her, she will be scared to come out. I elaborated on how she must speak to save herself. Instantly, she said that there was a time Meekness, the 8-year-old was having thi bad, terrible smell of an elderly woman. That is just the beginning.

I asked who plays with her and she said Salisu our family friend. He buys her gifts and dashes her money. She then said: Me, I don’t trust that man. He once groped my breasts and fondled my bum. I was already shedding uncontrollable tears at this point.

8 year old girl raped by family friend







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