His uncle raped his sister and here’s how he got justice for her

A young man has narrated how his uncle, his mother’s younger brother raped his only sister and when the police failed to get justice for him, he took matters into his hands.

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“Broda Biodun, Uncle Tunde raped me.”
My 17 year old little sis, Toyosi said crying as I entered into our one room apartment.

It was obvious she had been crying for a while.

My world came crashing. I suddenly felt weak. I sat close to her on the bed. I held her has she sobbed. Tears fell from my eyes.

Toyosi is my only sister and she has been living with me since we lost our parents in an accident 5 years ago.

“What happened? How did it happen? Where? When?” I asked all at once. I needed answers.

She could not find enough strength to talk as she cried some more. I waited impatiently.

“You know he asked me to come and collect my school fees in his office today. When I got to his office, his secretary was not on seat, so I knocked and went in. He welcomed me as usual and told me to seat in the visitors’ area. He offered me a drink.” She narrated through tears.

“Broda mi, I don’t know what happened next. I just woke up from a slumber and felt pains between my thighs. When I looked down between my legs, my pant was off and there was blood stain and some sticky substance on my thighs” She cried.

“Uncle Tunde raped me. He took my virginity!” She wept hysterically.

“When he noticed that I was awake, he came to apologize to me. He said he was really sorry and that it was the devil that pushed him to do it. He gave me double my school fees and promised me not to tell anyone.” She continued weeping.

I joined her in crying.

Uncle Tunde is my mother’s younger brother who grew up in our house till he finished his University education. Fortune has smiled on him and he is rich now. After our parents died, he promised to pay Toyosi’s tuition till she graduated from the University.

He is married to a beautiful wife, Aunty Nike and they have 2 children.

His betrayal broke my heart. I was seriously disappointed. I was hurt.

Little girl crying

I took Toyosi to the hospital. They carried out a series of tests on her and gave her medications. It was confirmed that my baby sister had been raped.

We went to report at the Police Station. The Police wrote our statements and told us to come back the next morning. They promised to invite him.

By the time we got to the station the next morning, we saw Uncle Tunde coming out of the DPO’s office. They were laughing and talking like old friends.

“Ha, you’re here. Bawo ni?” Uncle Tunde asked.

I ignored him and greeted the DPO.

“Haba Biodun, didn’t you hear your uncle greet?” The DPO asked.

“Oya, be an Omoluabi and respond.” He continued as he took only Uncle Tunde and I into his office. Toyosi was told to wait outside.

“Biodun, you see, this issue you brought to us is a family issue that you should have sorted with your uncle without coming here. Mistakes happen. Your uncle made one and he has apologized to your sister. He has also assured me that he will make it up to you and your sister. Now, I want you to go with him and settle this among yourselves. Okay?”
“Tunde, make sure you keep your promises to them and be careful not to run into trouble next time. You people should get going now. And Biodun, leave your sister out of your discussion like I just did.” The DPO concluded.

I knew we couldn’t get justice. I was disappointed. I told Toyosi to go home, that I needed to go talk to our uncle.

We drove in silence to his office. His secretary was not on seat again. The office was quiet.

When we got in, Uncle Tunde started begging me. He blamed the devil. He told me to help him beg Toyosi.

He then offered me N500, 000 in cash. I accepted it. It would go a long way in helping us survive.

Uncle gave me the cash and hugged me. I hugged him back.

As we separated from the hug, I saw him smile. I didn’t smile back.

I punched him real hard on the face. His smile turned to pain.

His lips cut. I punched his stomach and he held his stomach bending in the process. I hit him till he fell.

He couldn’t scream.

I kicked him on the floor. Many times. I then noticed a baseball bat positioned at a corner of his office beside a New York Yankees photo frame. I went for it.

I remembered Toyosi’s tears. I remembered that we were deprived of justice at the police station.

I hit his ankle with it. I hit the same spot again and again till I heard a breaking sound. Then I stopped.

I walked out of his office with the N500, 000.

I felt better. I didn’t care what would happen afterwards.

Aunty Nike called Toyosi later in the evening to tell her, her favourite Uncle was attacked by thieves in his office. That he is in the hospital with a broken ankle.

We intend to go and visit him in the morning.”

Written by Seun Oremade


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