It is sad to see good women lose themselves because of irresponsible men

It is sad to see good women with good hearts and potentials lose themselves because of men who don’t love and respect them.

It is sad to see women who have everything it takes to live good lives waste their time, losing their values, dignity, and self respect for sorry ass excuses called men.

It is sad to see women endure lack of love, attention, warmth, respect and compassion from men who they give their all to just because they don’t want to be alone.

When I read some of the things some women go through just to remain in relationships and marriages, I cringe.

I ask myself why they are willing to die gradually emotionally and psychologically instead of walking away with their sanity and dignity intact.

It is sad to see women lose themselves because of bad men

You don’t have to be with a man who has nothing to offer you except lies, tears and pains. You are not a beast of burden. Move on with your life.

If that man you are dating or married to doesn’t know your worth and is too blinded by ego and arrogance that he doesn’t see anything wrong with hurting you, you don’t have to be an accomplice in your own abuse.

If he refuses to see and appreciate the treasure that you are, don’t entertain his lack of love and respect by enduring crap from him. Don’t allow him use you to his advantage by totally destroying your self esteem.

Your relationship is meant to make you happy, better and wiser and not destroy you. This idea of managing badly behaved men should stop. You are not his mummy. Stop tolerating nonsense from men who refuse to reciprocate your efforts in relationships.

It is sad that such men reduce you to nothing and make you believe that there’s no better man out there for you. Don’t believe that lie. There are good men who love and treat their women right.

Dear woman, don’t believe that there are no good men in this world. Don’t allow one abusive man mess with your head. You deserve better than the crap you are enduring for fear of being alone.

Stop putting up with abuse for fear of being alone. You deserve the best. You need to demand to be treated right and believe in yourself. Don’t be a statistic for violence. Love yourself more.


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