7 signs your partner is belittling you

Many men belittle their women. When you hear them talk about the women in their lives, you wonder why they went into a relationship in the first place.

The way some men treat their women is appalling. They behave as if they are doing these women favour by being in their lives. They belittle these women, talk down on them, insult them and treat them badly.

Women should stop giving abusive men the opportunity and chance to belittle them further. But before they can do that, here are ways to spot when a man is belittling you.

He questions your choices 

If he criticizes your dressing, hair, friendships, dreams and job, he is belittling you. If he doesn’t believe that a woman can completely take charge of her life without the support of a man, he is indirectly saying you incapable of making good decisions about your life.

He criticizes you all the time

If your man criticizes you all the time even when you are making efforts to be a better person, he’s belittling you. If he refuses to acknowledge your strengths but stresses more about your weaknesses, he doesn’t value you. If he loves you, he should support you.

How many men belittle women

He compares you to other women all the time

A man who belittles you is fond of mentioning how his friend’s friend’s girlfriend or wife always cooks better, dresses better and behaves better than you. He reminds you of how other women seem to be better more beautiful than you. He makes you feel small, insecure and sad.

He’s fond of telling people your mistakes 

If your man is fond of telling friends and family about your mistakes, he’s belittling you. Even if he tries to cover up this jab by using a teasing tone, it doesn’t stop you from hurting. If he tells you that you cannot do many things right, and lets strangers know your weakness, he’s belittling you.

He is fond of answering questions for you

Is your man fond of answering questions for you as if you don’t have the brains to answer questions for yourself? Does he acts as if he knows everything and you are a dunce? If friends and family ask you questions and he answers for you, he’s belittling you.

He wants you to change your appearance

If you have been dating a guy for sometime and he’s trying to change how uou dress and your everyday appearance, there is fire on the mountain.

If he says things like, ‘If you want to be taken seriously, you should put your hair back’ or ‘you will look more professional if you stop wearing bright colors, he is not taking you serious.

He makes you feel bad for your sexual needs

When a man is really uncomfortable with you being rich, successful and having a life outside of him, he can become passive aggressive about sex. He might tell you your relationship is not all about sex whenever you want to be intimate with him. He punishes you for being independent by refusing to have sex. This is one way a man belittles a woman.


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