What some men mean when they say they want peaceful wives

Whenever people say men want to be with women who give them peace, I see a lot of people supporting this statement.

I wonder if they ask the men what they mean?

For some men, they don’t want a woman that nags. They want to come back home everyday to a place where they can rest. A home filled with love and happiness.

Such men are ready to make the marriage worth the while for their wives too. They give her the peace she needs to thrive.

For other men, this statement means having the licence to do as they please.

They want a marriage where they can do anyhow without being accountable for their actions.

Why men want women to give them peace

Some women in a bid to be his “peace” accept their fate and hope the man will change simply because they want to remain the “peaceful” woman the world claims the man needs.

Some of these men actually interpret the peace thing to mean…

A woman who doesn’t question his motives.

A woman who will not complain when he cheats and bring his whores home.

A woman who will give him all she earns so he can spend as he seems fit.

A woman who will slave for him while he sits down with a toothpick in his mouth..

A woman who is emotionally beaten and drained.

A woman who will accept everything he throws at her without a single moan.

A woman who will forfeit her dreams for him.

A woman he can humiliate in front of friends and family and she won’t be able to say anything.

A woman who is just a baby making machine to him.

A woman who is loyal to him even when her emotional, physical, financial needs are not being met.

This is exactly what some men mean when they say they want a woman that will give them peace.

Everytime it’s always about giving men peace.

Abeg who will give the women in these relationships peace?

Written by Ifeanyi Ifebi Emmanuel


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  1. Vivian says:

    No be lie. They want women who will become deaf, dumb and blind to their excesses.

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