Living with a narcissist 2

Weeks after crying about not being loved by his wife, one of husband man’s girlfriends sent him a message. The message read:

“I am pregnant again. I don’t want to abort any pregnancy again. You must come and see my people.”

When wife saw the message, she tapped husbandman who was snoring by her side and asked him what was going on.

Wife: I thought you said you were not fucking this girl and that she was like a daughter to you. What is the meaning of this message?

Husband: This is a mistake. Maybe she meant to send it to someone else. I am not touching that girl. She’s a teenager.

Wife: That’s funny because you mentioned your full names in the message. Didn’t you see it? Was that a mistake too? Are you taking me for a fool?

Husband: Ehen, and so what? Am I the first man that is cheating on his wife or impregnated his girlfriend?

Wife: That was fast. So you are not denying that you are having an affair with a teenager as well as unprotected sex with her?

Husband: Why don’t you stop looking for something that is not lost and focus on taking care of the house and the children. I give you money. I buy you things. I take care of the children and their expenses. You go on vacation yearly. Why do you keep talking about this issue all the time? It means nothing. You are the wife, face the home front and stop looking for trouble.

The message that caused problem

Wife grabs a bottle of wine nearby and smashes it on his head.

Husband screams in pain and rushes out of the house with blood rushing down his face.

Husband: This woman wants to kill me. I am dying. Somebody help me. She wants to kill me for nothing.

Wife didn’t move. She just grabbed a floor mop and cleaned some of the blood on their bedroom floor and removed the blood stained bed sheet.

Husband man got to the hospital and was treated. Part of his head was stitched. He claimed he was afraid for his life because his wife had gone crazy.

He refused to come back home. He stayed in a hotel with his pregnant girlfriend. He also called his uncles and told them that his wife wanted to kill him.

Two days later, his uncles arrived at their home and summoned the wife to tell them why she wanted to kill their son.

Wife narrated everything that has been happening in her marriage and stated that she acted out of anger.

Uncles told her that she was wrong. They told her to stop bothering herself with husbands philandering ways.

Husband added that wife is always on social media and visits different blogs and that is where wayward women give her bad advice.

Uncle 1: That is bad. She should stop using social media.

Uncle 2: You don’t know that these women advising you to fight your husband are envying you and the kind of life you are living. Love your husband more.

Uncle 3: A man will always be a man. You have to know how to pet him and treat him with sweetness so that you will win his heart back from strange women.

Husband: You people should advise her well. She doesn’t act like a wife anymore. I have given her everything yet she chooses to talk about my womanising ways all the time. She’s stressing me out. I am a good man. If she loses me, she will suffer.

Uncle 1: Our wife, you have to kneel and apologise to your husband. You offended him greatly by breaking his head over another woman. He’s a man. Apologize to your husband. Do it now, we are waiting.

Uncle 3: She committed an abomination. She should be sent back to her parents so that they can teach her how to be a good wife. Her behaviour is unacceptable. We are not push overs in our family.

Uncle 2: Are you deaf? We are telling you what to do and you are still sitting down looking at us as if you don’t understand what we are saying. Kneel down and apologise to your husband. You are a woman, don’t be proud.

None of these men talked about the message husband man received from his babe. They blamed the woman for reacting.


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