Lady reveals how her father raped her as a child and called it hugs

A young lady took to Twitter to reveal how her father would rape her repeatedly and call the rape hugs.

According to her tweets, this made her hate hugging. But her father’s evil deeds were exposed on her first day at school when she removed her clothes in class and spread her legs after her teacher asked them to hug one another after class.

Reading these tweets broke my heart. Reading that she tells her mom her vagina is hurting and gets the angry look instead of love and concern from the woman who gave birth to her left me in tears.

Read her tweets below:

“It’s the end of my first day at school, Miss Ugo asks us to hug each other. I don’t like hugs because it is always painful. I don’t know why we have to hug even in school. I didn’t want to disobey Miss Ugo and become a bad pupil.

So I turned away from the class and began to remove my clothes. After removing my clothes and also my pants, I looked around for a clean space to lie down. I found a space, laid down and spread my legs wide open. I wondered why everyone is taking time to get ready for ‘hug.’

Someone has to take the lead I guess. My teacher didn’t look very pleased judging from her expression…some of the kids covered their faces. Poor kids, I thought still lying on the floor. They don’t even know what a hug is, I continued in my head of course.

Girl’s father rapes her and called it hugs

My teacher is approaching me, she looks angry now. I could tell because her cheeks are red. My mom’s face is usually that red whenever she’s washing my body and I tell her my bum bum is paining me. So my mum will get angry and her cheeks will turn red.”

Let me stop here because typing these words are making me cry. Why would a mother not care to ask her child why her vagina is hurting? Why would a mother be angry at her child for confiding in her about something that is hurting her and then do nothing about it? This is sad.








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