Men, you won’t have peace if you don’t give your women peace

Dear men, a woman can’t be your peace if you aren’t hers. Give your woman what you expect from her.

Stop expecting peace from a woman when all you give her are tears, criticisms, and problems.

Do right by your woman and she will do right by you. Treat her with respect and you will be treated well too.

She’s human like you. She goes through challenges like you. Stop treating her like a flip flop and expect to be her stilettos.

Give your woman the same peace, love and support you want from her and watch your relationship become blissful and sweet.

Nigerian men need to work hard as their women have been doing over the years to make their marriages work.

Give your women peace

They should focus more on building their homes rather than waiting for their women to do all the building. It takes two to make a marriage work.

Every woman is different, don’t start comparing your wife to the women you meet outside your home. If you love your wife, you will make efforts to please her. You will cultivate the qualities she desires. That’s your job as her husband.

Women are always told they need to change to please men, but men are excused from changing to please their women. Who made these one-sided marriage rules? Men should also change so that they can keep their women.

Give your woman constant attention. Make your wife fall in love with you daily with your actions. You didn’t do her a favour by marrying her. You both need each other to go through life’s many adventures.

So, don’t say it’s a woman’s job to build her marriage alone. Do your job well. There are many sharks out there eyeing your wife and are willing to do anything to have her.

Don’t make it easy for them. Men, protect your marriage from side cocks. That is your duty, don’t get carried away by irrelevant things. Above all, give your woman peace.


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