10 ways to fight with your partner without ruining your relationship

Ladies, unhealthy fights ruin relationships. If you don’t know the right way to register your displeasure with your partner, you might ruin your relationship by fighting dirty.

No matter how much you love and care for your partner, both of will argue and fight once in a while. But how you fight and move on from an argument can make all of the difference when it comes to having a happy and healthy relationship.

When you identify fighting styles that can wreck your relationship over time such as silent treatment and stone walling and learn better ways to communicate even in the heat of the moment, you can maintain a stronger and better partnership. This can help you learn how to stop fighting in a relationship.

Arguing in a destructive manner instead communicating your frustrations clearly with your partner not only makes your relationship more stressful and frustrating, it can also lead to constant anger, resentment and bitterness in the long run.

Here are 10 ways women can fight with their partners without having to ruin their relationships:

!. One of the worst relationship killers women should be wary of is shutting down when they or their partners are seething with anger and have to trash out an important issue. Many relationships and marriages have been destroyed by a couple’s inability to communicate. When one partner or both has developed a pattern of shutting down when they are uncomfortable, it is because they do not trust the other person enough to share their thoughts and feelings with them.

2. Another deadly weapon some couples wield in a fight is putting each other down. Belittling communication is also extremely detrimental to any intimate relationship because over time it causes emotional resentment between the couple. When resentment begins to build up, it contaminates the couple’s desire for intimacy. Let go of that feeling of being right all the time while your partner is always wrong rather than resolving your issues.

3. What you should do whenever there is an argument is to stay on point and find out what exactly you are fighting for. Healthy, positive communication in any relationship include respect, consideration, empathy, an open mind and a calm tone. Couples have to consider their objectives before communicating thoughts and feelings with their partners.Is it normal to fight everyday in a relationship? No. Don’t tow that line.

4. You shouldn’t be confrontational or argumentative when fighting with your partner. Make an attempt to get what you need from your partner with the clear understanding that you must be willing to give to get. Finally, the key to successful resolution is not to focus on the problem whether old or new but instead to focus fully on the resolution.

Don’t ruin your relationship with fights

5. Even if you are having a disagreement with your spouse or partner, watch your language. Choosing the right fighting words can keep an argument from turning nasty and skyrocketing stress levels. Avoid insults, name calling belittling him with your words. he might forget what caused the fight but might not forget your insulting words. Constant fighting in a relationship is not healthy, remember this ladies.

6. Think about your partner’s feelings even when you are quarreling. Consider how harmful swear words and curses will hurt the one you love. Understand your partner’s point of view even if you feel you are right and he is wrong. Reason with your partner and don’t make them regret knowing you. Don’t hurt them with your words.

7. Ladies also need to drop their all or nothing attitude. When you are frustrated with your partner because he forgot to clean up after him or wash his plates after eating or left his dirty socks and clothes all over your bedroom, watch your words. Avoid words like ‘you always’ and ‘you never,’ and focus on your specific point—that you would appreciate it if he could step up more.

8. Empathize with your partner. It is normal that when you are angry with your partner, it is tough to feel empathy for him but channeling your sympathetic side not only cools anger, it helps you understand each other’s position better and fosters healthy communication. Empathy is putting yourself in your partner’s shoes. You have to realize that you are talking to someone you love.

9. Women, cut out unnecessary insults. Don’t start demeaning or belittling your partner just because you are hurt and angry. Don’t show contempt for your partner because you are not perfect either. Instead, think about his intent especially if he didn’t deliberately hurt you.

10. If your quarrel kicks off late at night, sometimes, waiting till the next day to talk about it is necessary. You are not going to get anywhere when your partner is half asleep, feeling irritated and isn’t mentally present to have the discussion at that point. Make it a priority to deal with the issue once morning comes.


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