She’s not the kind of woman you play games with

She’s not the type of woman you play games with. If you want her, you need to be smarter than that.

She thrives on stability. She doesn’t have the patience for insecure outbursts. She feeds off positive energy.

She surrounds herself with her own truth. She knows she’s imperfect, but she carries her flaws with class.

You won’t succeed trying to shame her with her mistakes. You can’t even shame her with sex.

She acknowledges her fuck ups and improves on them. She is her own woman. She needs no validation from any man.

If you want her, you have to do things you have never done before.

If you are lucky enough to get her, you must stay consistent. She will turn your weaknesses into strengths.

She’s not the kind of woman you play games with

She will complement you in areas you are lacking. Her love will make you move mountains. But you have to earn her love and trust.

Because her integrity doesn’t allow just anyone to get close to the deepest place of her soul.

She’s aware that it’s not every man who deserves the love, respect and loyalty she has to offer.

And if you feel threatened by her, you have no business being in her life. Just go for the kind of woman you want.

Because this woman described above is not for everyone. She’s not for that man who thinks she should be inferior.

She’s for that man who knows that relationships are partnerships not master servant unions.

She’s not for that baby man who consults his mother and family members before taking decisions.

She’s not for that irresponsible man who treats her like crap and still expects her to love him, worship him like a god and even die for him.

She’s not for that man who believes that her education ends in the kitchen and she should be seen not heard.

She’s not for that man who feels she should behave unintelligently and act like a dunce before people so he would feel like a complete man.

This kind of woman is not for every man. She doesn’t play games so she doesn’t thrive on games but mutual love and respect.



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  1. Sylvia says:

    Beautiful piece! Through this website, i have learnt a lot. I hv learnt to aspire more & be whatever i want to be. Weldone

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