Why ladies should avoid men who send mixed signals

Ladies need to avoid guys who send mixed signals when it comes to love and relationships.

These guys will treat you with so much love and make you start dreaming about having a beautiful relationship with them but when you shoot your shot, they turn you down.

Read this story to understand what I’m talking about:

They have been friends for over six months. They hang out whenever work allows them.

She’s beautiful, intelligent and outspoken. A single mother of a ten year old girl.

She talks about her daughter a lot and he has met her daughter twice when he visited her.

Even though uncle didn’t define their relationship, aunty started catching feelings.

Uncle was everything aunty wanted in a man but she didn’t know uncle just saw her as a friend.

He would hold her hands lovingly, hug her, encourage her, challenge her to excel in her career and make her happy.

Why ladies should avoid guys who send mixed signals

He hardly calls or communicates with her during the week but loves to spend time with her at weekends.

Recently, aunty got tired of the game and decided to take the bull by the horns.

She visited him and told him she liked him and wanted a relationship with him.

She even told him she wanted to have sex with him since she has been celibate for over six months.

Uncle looked at her, took her hands and told her he has a girlfriend and can’t have sex with her.

He begged her to forgive him if he ever sent wrong signals to her and apologized for leading her on.

He said he was cool with them being just friends but he won’t cheat on his girlfriend with her.

Aunty is heartbroken. She has been crying her eyes out since Sunday. She feels terrible. She just wants to disappear.

She told me she feels so bad for making a fool of herself before a man who really didn’t care about her.

She said she doesn’t know what to do as it seems men run away from her because she’s a single mom.

I have tried to console her and told her to move on with her life but she’s still sad about the whole thing.

I really don’t know how to help her. She hasn’t been in a relationship for two years and she really loved this guy.

Sighs. Who knows how to heal a broken heart? Babe is a mess. She has refused to eat.

Ladies, before you shoot your shot, find out if that guy wants to be in a relationship with you or he’s just sending you mixed signals.



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