Francis Van Lare set to attack his ex wife Amara Blessing Nwosu

Francis Van Lare who thrives on scandal and social media drama is at the center of another drama. He is set to attack his ex wife, Amara Blessing Nwosu because she made a post about leaving her marriage with him in 2017 and doing what’s best for her.

According to Francis Van Lare:

“I was sent a hilarious post made by Amara Nwosu. That woman must still be in love with me or not happy with her pastor husband who cannot take her to Venice Italy. She can participate in the indecent proposal challenge.

If anyone knows her please tell her to leave me off her wall because she will not like it once I focus on her . I am respecting court agreement not to discuss each other on social media , something she asked me for and I agreed but she is been talking about me or subbing me on her wall. If you know her please tell her to leave Francis Van-Lare alone hence I come back on my wall and finish the job of 2017.”

Francis Van Lare

This is the post Amara Blessing Nwosu wrote that triggered his reaction:

“Someone said to me, “Amara, when you took that step in 2017, everyone called you stupid and all sorts, but today, the world can see that it was a very good step”.

Another said to me this morning, “God has vindicated you”.

People, just do what’s right for you and your immediate family. As long as God is with you, the world will see His glory in you.
Do not live in perpetual pain just because you have to please the world. It took me one whole year to prepare my mind to take that step of deliverance. When you make a mistake, do everything you can to correct that mistake without thinking of what the world has to say. At first, I was bothered by what the world has to say. But gradually, I shut the world away from my ears and my heart and cared less.
Do you and all will be well, as long as you stand with God. As long as you walk in total obedience to God, He will glorify Himself in you.
What should matter is you finding peace with yourself and with God.
What am I saying? Shut your ears, shut your heart, shut your mouth and do you!
One kwuru njo ekwubegokwa nma.”



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