What my life experiences have taught me as a woman

My life experiences have taught me to pay less attention to what people say and pay more attention to what they do. Actions they say speak louder than words.

It doesn’t matter how long you have known someone. If their actions don’t match their words, let them go. Such people are experts at clouding your judgements with irrelevant things.

If you look back carefully, you will discover that some of the bad things which happened to you took place because you trusted them. If you keep trusting the wrong people, bad things will keep happening.

From today, sift your relationships. Watch who you allow into the circle of your life. Yes, they can call you names when you turn, but it’s your life. It’s your responsibility to protect your space. You don’t need their permission to do that.

What my life experiences have taught me

It’s not everyone that deserves your smiles, your love and your friendship. Don’t waste your love on the wrong people. They will take your love for granted and hurt you too.

Sometimes, the most healthy thing to do for your heart and life journey is to walk away from people who drain you emotionally and psychologically. Protect your space from negativity.

You have just this one life to live. Don’t live it pleasing other people and hurting yourself. Don’t keep limiting yourself because you want to be in everybody’s good books. Don’t allow people change who you are just to make you what they need.

Practice self love and do what’s best for you. Forget about what people will say when they can no longer control you. They will always talk. You should take good care of yourself. You are the one that matters.

These days, I am focused on being the best person I can be for myself. As I get older, stability, peace, love, meaningful friendships, profitable and healthy relationships are what I enjoy.

As a woman with different life experiences, I just want to live a stress free life. You should do the same, the peace and joy you will enjoy is priceless.


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