Why weak women can’t stand strong women

Weak women can’t stand strong women. They can’t stand them because these women are doing what they can’t do and living the lives they can’t live but long to live.

Oppressed women can’t stand opinionated women who challenge the status quo. They can’t stand these women because they represent everything they are not.

Strong women represent everything they wish they could do, but they can’t because they would rather sit down and accept shit so that they can be called meek and virtuous than speak up.

So, these weak women deride strong women at every opportunity they get because if they don’t, they will have to face themselves and their inadequacies.

Dear strong woman, recognise the envy for what it is and feel sorry for such women and grateful for the experience and the exposure that has given you a voice.

Why weak women can’t stand strong women

Strong women who challenge oppressing practices represent the minority of Nigerian women.

And weak women are the majority, which is why the issues our grandmothers faced, we are still facing it, because women would rather accept trashy things than change them.

Anyone who tries to change them is a man bashing feminist. I have come across them in my time and I cut them off sharply. Like the one that told me, why did you buy a new car, you don’t want to get married?

I read her comments as, oh, I can’t afford to buy a new car, except my husband buys me one, but here’s my fellow woman who has her stuff together single, doing things I couldn’t do when I was single.

But instead of saying congratulations on her purchase, I choose to mention her single hood to make her feel bad about something she should be happy about. Guess how that friendship ended.

I am allergic to stupidity and weak women. I was born and raised by lionesses, three generations back. I won’t make myself a weak woman just to appear virtuous.

Women can be anything they want to be in this world and more. They don’t need permission from anyone to live their best lives. Society be damned!


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