The love I have for my boyfriend increases whenever he beats me

Ghanaian singer, Ms Forson has disclosed that she loves being beaten by her boyfriend as it increases her love for him.

In an interview at Starr FM, Ms Forson stated that though violence against women is not good however being pampered by her boyfriend after being beaten endears him to her.

According to the dark skinned singer, being beaten by her boyfriend makes her feel good.

Forson said:

“It’s not good but for me, I like it because it makes me feel good. Some people like it that way, others don’t.”

Ms. Forson loves being beaten by her boyfriend

“He has to beat me sometimes so that we will make up. When he beats me, he will pamper me. We all have our preferences, Ms Forson added.”


Sighs. Different strokes for different women. I don’t understand why some people are mad at her. She has stated her truth and what she prefers in her relationship and her preference should be respected even though it’s odd.

I have met some women with abusive husbands who love being beaten. Some of these women tell you that the make up sex after suffering blows and kicks is exhilarating.

I know a young lady who was dating a guy who beat her blue and black weekly. But for some odd reasons, she flaunts him everywhere as the best guy in the world.

She tells everyone who cares to listen that she loves him because of the way he pets her, buys her gifts and makes love to her after beating her. Her life, her choice.

Even though we may feel bad for these women, we can’t do anything about it. It is what they love. Getting beaten by the men they are dating or married to makes them high. Some women love being beaten. It is not a new thing.

We can only hope that we don’t type rest in peace on their pictures in the near future.



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