Men who want feminists to condemn women cooking with menstrual blood to control men are hypocrites

Nigerian Men who want feminists to condemn the actions of submissive women cooking with menstrual blood to control men are hypocrites.

Why are these men waiting for the same set of people they call bitter, heartless and rebellious to condemn what perceived meek and submissive women are doing to keep men at all costs?

Now, some men want us to condemn the actions of submissive and obedient women who use bloody porridges to keep them but when women were being killed in Portharcourt, they said these women deserved to die because they were prostitutes.

Personally, the idea of cooking bloody foods just to keep another human being, taking their names, pictures to spiritual homes to trap them is wrong. It is despicable and evil. I don’t know how women who do this sleep at night.

What submissive women are doing to keep men

But when we say women should have healthy self esteem, make their own money and not fight to keep men, these same people crying all over the place about bloody foods will call us bitter feminists and men haters.

You people deserve the kind of women you end up with. You love control. You seek to control your women, keep them in check, make them feel worthless and reduce them to nothing.

These women in turn tell you guys what you want to hear, put up Oscar worthy acting for you. They chant men are heads, women are necks, women must be submissive to men, feminism is evil and women must be under men.

Yet, these women are hell bent on controlling you guys too. They do this silently while pretending to be virtuous and submissive. They lace your foods with blood, dung, pubic hairs, plus other spiritual ingredients for added measure.

They visit places with your pictures, names and clothes. They put you in bottles, padlock your heads and hearts and even chant your names during the full moon just to keep you in one place.

Men hop from one woman to another while chanting that men are polygamous in nature and can’t stick to one woman. They don’t know how many of these women are into bloody missions and diabolical ministry.

Your babes lace your food with bloody things. Your wife laces your food with diabolical ingredients. Your recent fling patronizes Jaaruma to keep you all to herself and you think your life will remain normal again? No.

You people should leave us alone in peace. This society teaches women to do anything to keep their men and these women are doing just that. So why the uproar?


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