How my friend’s uncle tricked me into becoming his second wife

A young lady has been tricked into becoming a second wife by her friend’s uncle who wanted a child badly.

The young lady who is a single mum sent a message to a Facebook page asking for advice because the man didn’t fulfill his end of the bargain.

Read her story below:

“I’m 28, a single mum and my baby is four years old. A friend of mine introduced me to one of her uncles who wants to marry a second wife.

This man and his wife are childless and they want someone who will give them children and I accepted their agreement and they came for introduction.

How young lady was tricked into being a second wife

After the introduction, they said I should leave my work in Port Harcourt, sell everything I had, including my salon things and join them in Lagos that by January he will come and pay my bride price.

He said he will start up a salon for me if I follow them to Lagos. I have been with them for about nine months now and nothing has been done.

I found out that the first wife tells him what to do and what not to do and I also found out that this man is 51 years old while they told me that he was 40.

I am not happy with what I am seeing and I would like to quit. I don’t love this man and I have no feelings for him. He wants to have sex with me every night and I am tired. I need your advice.”

If this young woman knows what’s good for her, she should go back to her former base and start her life all over again.

The first mistake she made was selling off all her things to follow strangers to another state because they promised her a good life and a new beginning.

That was a big mistake. She needs to give them an ultimatum about fulfilling their promise or tell them she would leave. She might be wasting her time with them.


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