If you must remain in a bad marriage, stay there and keep quiet

Dear woman, if you must remain in a bad marriage, stay there and keep quiet.

If you must remain married to a violent and abusive partner because you believe marriage is for better for worse, do so.

You don’t have to continue disturbing other people with your tales of abuse and maltreatment when you are a willing victim.

I have listened to many women whine and lament about their relationships, yet they remain in them.

I have seen women robbed of their future by men they give their all to. These women remain with these men as if they are under a spell.

I know women whose self worth are constantly reduced to be the ones who provoke the men to talk to them like doormats.

What you have to do if you must remain in a bad marriage

I know women whose dreams have been shattered by men they have sex with. Still, they remain glued to such men as if they have a death wish.

Yet these women claim that they have no choice but to remain with these men.

They prefer to remain in terrible relationships so that society can accept them.

They complain and whine, have more sex and sweat and then complain some more.

They run to you for advice whenever their men shatter their hearts and soul.

You pity them. You invest your time and emotions in their case. But they won’t leave these men.

When you tell them to stop tolerating abuse, they remind you that they are nothing without these men.

Then they proceed to call you names. They see you as their enemy and they start avoiding you.

They use your name to have make up sex with these men who keep unveiling their expertise by breaking their hearts time and time again.

And I wonder why these women keep complaining. I wonder the kind of pleasure they get from suffering and smiling.

One thing I have noticed is that these women don’t take responsibility for their choices and inactions.

They blame everyone but themselves for accepting to be treated less than they deserve.

They prefer to complain everywhere, from church to salon and then, do nothing afterwards.

It’s so easy to blame others for the chaos and drama in your life, but when you play the victim, you forfeit your power.

If you are not taking 100% responsibility for the outcomes in your life, you are lying to yourself.

If you must remain in a bad relationship, stay there and keep quiet.

Stop disturbing others with your tales of woes when you have no intention of changing things.



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