If a man loves you, you will know

If a man loves you, you will know. You don’t need to keep asking him if he does all the time.

If a relationship is real, you will know. You won’t keep guessing if it’s real or not.

If a man respects you, you will know. You won’t have to keep begging to be respected.

In a true relationship, you don’t need to guess someone’s feelings for you.

If you don’t feel loved, you will know. Your partner’s actions will reveal this.

Stop forcing yourself on someone who doesn’t want to be with you.

Marriage won’t change him. That is lying to yourself and deceiving yourself.

It won’t end well. I have heard a lot of stories about forced love and none of them ended well.

If a man loves you, you will know

His behaviour will only get worse. Marriage has a way of amplifying someone’s weaknesses and bad behavior.

You will discover in the long run if you insist on marrying a man who doesn’t care about you that you are married to yourself.

Before you go further in that relationship, trust the facts before you. Don’t allow the desperation to be married blind you.

Facts don’t lie. Feelings may be faked but actions don’t lie. If a man loves you, you will know through his words and actions.

How do you tell if a man loves you? He makes you his priority. He has time for you. He wants to be with you not to only have sex but to listen to you and share his thoughts with you.

How do you know if a guy loves you without saying it?

His actions tell you everything you need to know. He makes you happy. He is kind to you. He has your interest at heart. He wants you to be successful. He supports you and makes life easier for you.

All these are signs a man loves you deeply:

He doesn’t complicate your life.

He respects you, your body, your opinions and your privacy.

He doesn’t try to reduce you to nothing with his words.

He doesn’t feel superior to you but sees you as his partner.

He believes in your dreams.

He trusts you.

He communicates with you all the time.

He worries about your safety.

He protects you.

He cares for you and your loved ones.

He is always present when you need him.


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