Why do Nigerian women care about how people see them?

Why do Nigerian women care so much about how people see them?

Why do Nigerian women live for others instead of focusing on being better humans?

It is sad that these women who are beautiful, smart, intelligent and successful find it hard to give society the middle finger when it comes to living their lives.

Why do women have to pretend to be something that they are not because they want to be seen as good girls?

Do good girls make history? Do good girls live their best lives? Do good girls achieve greatness in life? No.

Why do women have to pretend to be stupid when they are not stupid? I have met women who believe that they are not worthy to be intelligent?

These women tell you that the intelligence of their men is enough for them to go through life. It makes me sad and angry at the same time.

I ask these women if they were created to live in the shadows of the men in their lives. Were they lifeless before they met these men or what that they agree to live like unimportant people?

Why do Nigerian women care about how people see them

Why do women have to pretend to be helpless when they are not helpless? Society teaches women to constantly act like damsels in distress so that men can rescue them.

Little wonder women who refuse to act like damsels in distress are called horrible names. They are called angry, bitter and stubborn women just because they refuse to act out society’s script for them.

Why do women have to pretend to be sorry when they have nothing to be sorry about? This society expects women to be sorry for being intelligent, outspoken, strong, firm, rich and sexual.

Women are told constantly that living alone and having cars will prevent them from getting married. These women are expected to be sorry for having the financial wherewithal to take care of themselves.

Women are expected to hate sex, pretend about sex and bow their heads when sex is being discussed. Women shouldn’t even talk about enjoying orgasms so that they won’t be called whores and prostitutes.

Why do women have to pretend that they are not hungry for success and wealth when they are ambitious to achieve great things for themselves?

This society is quick to tell women who are ambitious that they will end up bitter, old and alone. These women are threatened with dying single just because they are hungry for success and money.

Who said that success and wealth should be reserved for men alone? Who said women shouldn’t dream to be CEOs of companies? Who said women can’t have it all?

Dear Nigerian women, live for you. Live for yourself. Do things that bring you joy and fulfilment. You have only this one life to live.

Are you going to waste time caring about what people think about you if you dare to live your life or will you forget the inconsequential elements who think you must adhere to some limiting societal rules and live your life to the full?

Nigerian women, wake up and be great! You deserve to live good lives.


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