10 things Nigerians expect women to worry about

There are some things Nigerians expect Nigerian women to worry about. Many people get pissed when some women refuse to fit into their expectations.

These women who refuse to get worried about the irrelevant things this society expects from them are called angry, bitter, stubborn and possessed.

Some parents warn their children not to associate with such women. Some husbands forbid their wives from relating with women who live life on their own terms.

Here are 10 things this society expects women to worry about:

1. A woman is expected to be worried about getting married. She is expected to be running from pillar to post if she’s not married at a certain age.

Women in Nigeria are expected to worry about these things

2. A woman is expected to be worried about having children even if her husband is the infertile one. She is always to blame when she can’t have a child.

3. A woman is expected to be worried about being liked by her in-laws. She is expected to do everything for them to accept her.

4. A woman is expected to be worried about being liked by men even those who clearly disrespect her.

5. A woman is expected to care about what people think about her living alone and buying a car when she’s still single.

6. A woman is expected to feel sad about being a single mother and worried about scaring away potential suitors by talking about her child always.

7. A woman is expected to be worried about how her children will turn out because she will blamed if they turn out badly.

8. A Nigerian woman is expected to be worried about her husband running after different women and replacing her any time he wants. She is told to do everything possible to keep her husband’s penis in his pants.

9. A woman is expected to be worried about having a failed marriage. She has to be on her toes so that her marriage won’t fall apart. It doesn’t matter if her spouse is doing little or nothing to make it work.

10. As a woman, this society expects you to worry about not being richer than your spouse. You are constantly told to dumb down yourself for a man because he’s the head. You are expected to be the low income earner so that you don’t start disrespecting your husband.

All these things don’t make sense. Patriarchy expects women to be inferior, act inferior, live like inferiors and behave like appendages.

But wise women look at patriarchy in the eye and say ‘screw you’. These wise women will rule the world because they are liberated from unhealthy societal expectations.


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