Sex for jobs has wrecked many men in Nollywood says Yul Edochie

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has revealed that sex for jobs has ruined many men especially Nollywood practitioners.

The actor said:

“I condemn sex for jobs. If na your way, hear this advice. If you promise a girl job in exchange for sex, once she gives you sex, make sure you don’t fail her.

If she swear for you, your own don finish. This matter has wrecked many men, especially Nollywood practitioners.”

While we cannot pretend that these things happen not only in Nollywood but in different sectors of the economy, my annoyance is when men claim that they were doing these ladies a favor by demanding sex for jobs.

sex for jobs has wrecked many men in Nollywood

You are a despicable human being if you see a lady desperate to earn money to keep body and soul together and you demand to have sex with get first before you can give her a job.

You are worse than the leaders who are looting this nation blind. You don’t have the moral right to come outside and condemn the way our leaders are treating us when in your own little corner, you are doing worse.

I have heard of ladies who lost prospective jobs and promotion because one man wants to punish them to refusing to have sex with him. Men who do this are wicked and deserve no mercy.

I know a young lady who was planning a program in her state last year. She made publicity for this programme and was going to get a top government official in her state to sponsor the event.

The whole thing crumbled because uncle wanted to have a piece of her honey pot and she refused. The worst part was that the lady was married with children.

Uncle knew this yet he wanted to shag another man’s wife because she needed him to sponsor an event that will in turn generate publicity and revenue for their state.

It is sad what women have to go through in this country because of men who lack scruples and respect for themselves and their wives.

Any man who demands sex for jobs because he feels powerful is a fool. Such men fall without rising. Karma always catches up with them.


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    I’m happy he’s speaking out

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