10 ways Nigerian parents are enabling their children’s bad behaviour

Some Nigerian parents are enablers of their children’s bad behaviour. These parents who cover up the dishonest actions of their action and cover up their misdeeds don’t deserve to be parents.

A Facebook user Ms. Tolulope Harry shared this post and I completely agree with her. If you keep quiet about the little misbehaviour of your children, refuse tot correct them and teach them the right things to do, you are enabling their bad behaviour.

She wrote:

“They bring home something that doesn’t belong to them. You don’t scold them or ask them to return it to school. You act like you didn’t see it or you pat them on the back.

10 ways Nigerian parents enable their children’s bad behaviour

S(he) drinks the remains of what your visitor drank right in front of them. You don’t say anything. You look away like nothing happened. You continue chatting with your visitor.

S(he) interjects or interferes while you are having a discussion with a group of friends. Again, you say nothing. You don’t correct them. You continue your discussion.

They visit friends and relatives, they jump on the couch, break stuff and toys, write on the wall and act unruly. They leave everywhere messy. Your host is offended and embarrassed but does not want to embarrass you and your children. You don’t correct them. They are only children. They behave better at home. You say in their defense.

They wake up in the morning and walk past you and your spouse. You don’t care. It’s part of civilization. Things have changed.

They take stuff from the fridge or any part of the house without your permission. They use or eat it without letting you know. You find out and you don’t correct them. It’s no wonder some don’t see rape as a big deal. You don’t teach them to ask for anything (anything at all) before taking!

They come home from the higher institution with huge sums of money and with big cars. They even give you some and you quickly collect and keep it. We must eat the fruits of our labour. You say to yourself. You don’t bother to ask how they got them and you know they aren’t working.

Your child is dating more than one person. You urge them on because you are enjoying gifts from the people they are deceiving. You even help in covering their tracks.

Your child is beating and mistreating their spouse and you say nothing.

Your child insults elders, strangers and neighbors alike and you laugh over their behaviour. You claim they are confident and assertive by insulting other people.

Whatever evil or wrongdoing you keep quiet about, you are endorsing, you are enabling and you are subtly encouraging.”



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