Joro Olumofin reveals why Nigerian men are taking advantage of women

Joro Olumofin said that ladies should bear in mind that every relationship must not end in marriage like they persistently believe.

He wrote:

This needs to be said. Ladies, not every relationship will lead to marriage. Some relationships are meant to teach you a lesson for the next one.

Stop setting mental traps for yourselves. Men are taking advantage of women because of this.

You will see ladies washing plates, doing chores for boyfriends family members because they have set wedding date in their minds.

Also, the association of ‘God when’ should be careful too. Ladies have said God when so much that when they meet any guy, he’s definitely God sent and he’s The One.

Ladies, take control of this narrative. Let guys be the ones saying ‘God, when will this girl say yes.”


This is why Nigerian men are taking advantage of women

I have been saying the same thing for years but Nigerian ladies won’t hear. They prefer to keep men in their lives by force by cooking and cleaning away their destinies.

When you tell young ladies to have some dignity and stop being desperate to get married, they will start calling you names.

They will accuse you of wanting them to get old in their Fathers houses. They will tell you that the Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent takes her marriage by force.

These ladies who think that every relationship must end in marriage will do anything possible to keep men in their lives even when it is clear that these men don’t want to marry them.

Some ladies believe that it is the responsibility of a woman to convince a man to marry them. They will tell you that men are babies and you have to help them make up their minds about marriage.

News flash….

A man knows if he wants to marry you or not. If he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his days with you, you are wasting your time cooking, cleaning, washing, having lots of sex and committing abortions plus washing the clothes of his family members ancestors.

You are just wasting your talent. You can make money while doing all these things instead of wasting your time trying to impress a guy and his family members that you are a wife material.

What are you doing to add value to yourself as a woman?

What are you doing to make money?

What are you doing to improve your life?

Are you waiting for a man to rescue you?

Think about it!


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