Three months after she left him, abusive husband tracks down wife and strangles her to death

A woman was recently strangled to death three months after she left her abusive husband.

The sad story was shared by one Fola Folayan aka The favored woman who noticed that her neigbours talked about the murder of the woman casually and have since moved on with their own lives.

The poster wrote:

A mother of three was beaten to death by her husband in my neighbourhood.

Crazy thing is she left him three months ago because of the constant beatings she suffered.

He then found out where she was to go and beat her there. He strangled her. He has been arrested.

Husband strangles wife to death three months after she left him

The crazy thing is how people in the area talked about it so casually.

The women shook their heads sadly and everyone went about their business.

The men said na wa o and left the conversation.

My cleaning lady said she can’t leave her husband because the next one might be worse.”

When will this end?

When will men stop killing women because they were dumped?

Why beat another human being to the point that they ran for life and you still go after that person to kill her?

What kind of animals are parading the world these days?

Is it by force to be married?

Is it by force to endure beatings?

It’s not like this woman stayed to be killed. She ran. She tried to save herself yet this evil thing went after her and snuffed life out of the helpless woman.

Who will take care of their three children?

Why are some men so evil, cruel, satanic and heartless?

I’m so pained reading this story right now.

It broke my heart. Poor woman!

Nigerian parents should start raising their sons well and stop overlooking their actions and enabling their bad behavior.

It’s sad.






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3 Responses

  1. Ebube says:

    It is very sad

  2. Julian says:

    Sometimes the men have been raised properly but eventually allow their good upbringing to be corrupted by bad association. The enablers are more often the mothers, sisters and other females in his family.

  3. Jennifer says:

    So sad,, evil men everywhere including the one am leaving with in this house, always beating everyday and still claim his right. I don’t know what to do about it bcos of my kids

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