Nigerian women can do anything for marriage including disowning their family

Some Nigerian women can do anything for marriage. They can destroy their future because of a marriage proposal. These women can sabotage themselves just to remain married.

Some can disown their family because one man commanded them to do so. Others can end years of friendship of the Mrs title. This is why you see newly married women cutting off their friends because they landed husbands.

No matter how much we talk about loving yourself as a woman and putting yourself first, some women still believe they are nothing without men and marriages.

The annoying part is that some of these women are neck deep in dysfunctional marriages. Some of them are married to men who don’t respect and value them.

Nigerian women can do anything to keep their marriages

I just read one woman telling another woman to stop calling her child the name she gave to her. She told this woman to call her child the name her mother-in-law gave her.

She also said that not being diplomatic cost her her first marriage. Another woman supported her and claimed that women need to be diplomatic and stop rubbing shoulders with their in-laws.

I don’t want to take away the place of diplomacy in marital relationships but doesn’t a woman who carried a pregnancy and went through labour pains deserve to name her child?

You can’t name your child. You chase away your friends. You don’t relate with your family. You refuse to get promoted at work. You allow your business die, why? You want to keep a marriage.

How do these women live this way? How do they cope? I mean, how do they keep up with living a lie? How do they mask their feelings even when they are unhappy?

I don’t understand why someone should stop living because of another human being. I don’t understand how a status is more important than someone’s happiness and peace.



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