Stop feeling inadequate if you haven’t made it yet

Dear woman, stop feeling inadequate if you haven’t made it yet. Slow down and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing.

Stop jumping from pillar to post trying to imitate other people’s steps to progress. Focus on you and what makes you unique.

Stop trying so hard to make things not meant for you happen. Stop telling yourself that you have failed because you are still struggling.

Stop thinking that you have to follow another person’s life’s blueprint just because they achieved success and fame.

You should define your own success and happiness. Stick to your dreams. Listen to your instincts. Trust your intuition. Shut out the noise. Do you.

Stop feeling inadequate if you haven’t made it yet

Take moments to appreciate where you are presently in life. Remember where you are coming. Reflect on some tough situations you overcame in the past. Be grateful for your life.

Bask in your uniqueness. You were not meant to be like everyone else. You were born to be unique. You have a one of a kind path. Follow it by listening to you.

Tune out the noise and turn on your truth. Your timing is different from that of other people. Focus on being better than you were yesterday.

You must remember that you will always make mistakes as you try to figure out your life. Everyone makes mistakes. No one has the correct manual on how to live their lives.

You have to trust in yourself and even when you do, unfortunately things might not turn out the way you hoped.

You will fail and you will win. You will lose and you will gain. You will fall and you will rise. Welcome to life.

All that really matters is that you keep trying your best and you never give up on yourself. Never lose faith in your greatness and ability to do great things.

You have the ability to change for the better and learn from your mistakes. If you can do these things, you will be unstoppable.

Stop feeling inadequate if you haven’t made it yet, your time will come. Keep hope alive. Hold on!


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    I will definitely take your advice

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