Women should go out with friends twice a week for better health

According to science, Women should go out with friends twice a week for better health. I agree with this.

Women do a lot to keep their spouses and children happy but they have little or no time to relax and have fun.

Female friendships are extremely important and remains one of the key ingredient to women’s happiness and health.

Girlfriends are really the best emotional support system women could ever have. Just think about it.

Good female friendships involve having women you can count on for advice, or those who would simply allow you to be heard and understood when you have a problem.

If you enjoy going out with your girlfriends, you should do it more often. Actually women should go out with girlfriends twice a week and this will definitely make them happier and healthier.

It will also help women be better girlfriends, wives and mothers as they let out steam as often as possible. It will make women less cranky and irritable.

Women should go out with friends twice a week

About the research

Robin Dunbar is a renowned psychologist and an advanced investigator. His research is concerned with trying to understand the behavioral, cognitive and neuroendocrinological mechanisms that underpin social bonding in primates (in general) and humans (in particular).

The survey involved a small group of male friends, and the results revealed that hanging out with friends twice a week had a positive impact on their overall health.

Health benefits also included faster recovery time from illness, a stronger immune system, a decrease in anxiety levels, and increased generosity levels which makes us feel better overall.

“The figure of twice a week comes from findings that this is the amount of time that you typically spend with your closest friends/family,” Dr. Robin Dunbar told The Huffington Post.

“For both sexes (no surprise) having a large, well integrated social network has a significant impact on both physical and emotional health.”

“People with larger and/or more integrated networks suffer less illness, recover quicker from surgery, are less likely to die and even their children are less likely to die.”

Research shows that women need to maintain friendship connections. It increases serotonin and oxytocin, the bonding hormone.

In times of stress, women don’t just experience the drive toward fight or flight — they also release oxytocin. This hormonal surge can compel women to “tend and befriend,” to protect their kids (if they have), but also to connect with other women.

Women reap health benefits from friendships, and maintaining those female bonds becomes even more important as they grow older, according to Dr. Bash.

“We get busier, with more responsibilities,” she says. “It makes us feel nurtured and validated to hang out with friends we can be totally ourselves [with], minus the outside pressures.” (SOURCE).

We have to make those friendships a top priority,” Dr. Bash says. “Schedule girls’ nights and lunches with friends! Do it ahead of time.” Female bonds can solidify your happiness and make you healthier.

Women should go out with friends twice a week

Women should go out with girlfriends to be healthier

Women have very stressful lives, and sometimes feel guilty about leaving the family at home but deep inside, it shouldn’t be that way.

In reality, women should have some time for themselves. It is not only about going out and having a few drinks. It is more about getting away from the daily routine, relaxing, and meeting close friends face to face.

Women need a little bit of that every week to feel better. A meeting with close friends is always regenerating. When was the last time you went out with your best friend? How did you feel the following day?

The truth is that if women feel happier, they could be better moms, better wives, and better people overall. When women enrich their lives, they improve their health.

Women definitely should go out with their girlfriends more often and make it a habit. They will feel better afterwards as hearty conversations and laughter has a way of improving people’s mood.

While the study focused on actually going out with girlfriends, that’s just not possible for a lot of mothers.

Some mothers are doing it all on their own either as single mums or because their partners travel a lot for work, and they may not always have the option of getting a nanny.

Other moms may just not be ready to leave their babies for many reasons including breastfeeding, health problems, or even just because they simply don’t feel comfortable doing it.

If you simply can’t keep up with twice-a-week dates with your friends, don’t worry, there are other ways to reap the benefits. A girls’ night in is a great alternative that will still get you bonding and laughing with your friends.

Plan it for after the children go to bed so you can really focus on one other. Play some board games, serve tasty cocktails but be careful with the alcohol.

Mums can also turn their girls night in into a relaxing spa night, or just sit around chatting and gossiping. Indeed, it will keep women more healthy, sane and refreshed.

Source: www.creativehealthyfamily.com


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