A lot of marriages are suffering because women are not enjoying orgasms

A lot of marriages are suffering because women are not enjoying orgasms says Joro Olumofin.

Apart from the fact that many Nigerian men are clueless about making their wives cum combined with their selfishness to get their sexual pleasure alone, many Nigerian women are to blame for their lack of orgasms too.

These women are world class pretenders and don’t communicate their feelings to their husbands. Some do it out of fear of being called whores while others do it just to boost their husbands ego.

Some women don’t tell their husbands how they want to be touched and what makes their toes curl with pleasure.

They pretend about being sexually satisfied. They hail these men for being studs when in reality, these men can’t do anything spectacular in bed.

Many marriages are suffering because women are not having orgasms

Joro Olumofin has a message for Nigerian husbands and boyfriends about pleasuring their women.

He said:

A lot of marriages and relationships are suffering because women are not having orgasms.

So many wives have written to me because of this orgasm issue. Husbands and boyfriends are not paying attention.

It’s a shame that a lot of wives haven’t had penetrative orgasm. They only have orgasms when they masturbate.

Penetrate your lady with your penis while also stimulating her clitoris with your finger.

This allows you to kiss her ears and bite her neck.

Lastly, it allows you stimulate her nipples at the same time.

Your woman deserves happiness. It’s not fair if you cum and she doesn’t.

This road to your lady cumming is a process.

Ladies, if your man is not willing to learn, he’s not a serious minded partner.”

Nigerian men should stop running after side chicks that they will take sex enhancement drugs to impress while their wives are dying of sexual starvation and haven’t enjoyed orgasms in years.

Charity begins at home. Give your wife multiple orgasms from today and watch her become a more loving, sweet and happy partner.


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