Dear Nigerian women, own your sexuality, own your ORGASMS

It is funny that many Nigerian men want to control how Nigerian women get orgasms. These men think they own women’s bodies and must tell them how to use it.

You guys think you have the right to tell women how to achieve mind blowing orgasms? Funny lots. They claim women shouldn’t be expressive about sex.

A young lady put up a post asking women whether they prefer their fingers or vibrators when it comes to having orgasms and some Nigerian men are wailing on the post.

These men started calling the ladies commenting on the post names and blaming the men in their lives for allowing them to be so free to talk about sex, fingering and vibrators. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

One guy even went to his wall to write a meaningless post about how sex should remain a mystery and why women shouldn’t be discussing sex in the open because they will lose out in the end.

Nigerian women own your orgasms

This is funny considering how some Nigerian guys focus on only achieving their own pleasure during sex at the detriment of women. Once they cum, that’s the end.

The abysmal performance of some guys when it comes to sex and making women reach orgasms leaves much to be desired.

So now that women have found ways to give themselves sexual pleasure that some men have failed woefully at, some guys are wailing and speaking meaningless grammar on Facebook with senseless posts to boot.

Guys, what is the color of your problem? Why do you want to be poor in bed and wizards at the same time? Why are you guys so pained about how women get sexual satisfaction?

Dear woman…

Own who you are. Own your flaws. Own your curves.

Own your body. Own your sexuality. Own your ORGASMS. This is very important.

Own your perceptions. Own your lessons. Own your brilliance.

Own your feelings. Own your vulnerabilities. Own your fire. Own your moods.

Own your money. Own your failures. Own your successes. Own your decisions.

Own your goodbyes. Own your friendships. Own saying no. Own saying yes.

Own yourself. Own all of it, things that make you unique.

Own every single thing that resonates with your soul. Only then, can you truly live.

Woman, live. Live your life. Society be damned. This society doesn’t care about you. This society just wants to repress you mentally, financially and sexually.

Don’t forget to enjoy orgasms as much as possible. No one should make you feel dirty for loving sex and enjoying orgasms. You are human and you deserve orgasms as much men do.

Live free!


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