Many women are unmarried because they can’t find rich men -Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri stated that some ladies are still unmarried because they are looking for rich men to give them the wedding their family can’t afford.

Reno said: “Many women are unmarried not because they can’t find the right man but because they can’t find a man rich enough to pay for the wedding that they and their family are too poor to afford, yet want to have because their neighbor had a big wedding.”

Nigerians have started reacting to his post. While some guys agreed with him, the ladies are tearing him to shreds. They want him to tell them why Nigerian men are always having sleepless nights over the choices of women.

Women are unmarried because they can’t find rich men

It is funny that guys are whining about women who want to marry rich men when last week, they were chanting that they can’t marry ladies who can’t cook online and defending their posts with women are home makers.

Nigerian men don’t see the hypocrisy in their behavior. They believe they have the right to state the qualities they want in a woman but women can’t do the same without being called names or threatened with menopause.

Such cry babies. They are always crying about what women want for themselves, how they want to live their lives and what they do with their bodies. It’s a pity.

One lady stated that the reason why a lot of people want to mingle with the rich is because of the mockery that comes with being poor.

Reno will likely ignore a woman married to a poor man in a wedding but will gladly greet that of the rich man he is trying to mingle with.

When we stop respecting people based on money and social standing, people will stop looking for rich partners.

Another young lady added that a lot of women are unmarried because they choose not to. It is their choice and it should be respected. They shouldn’t be hounded to get married just to please their family members.


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