Allow your husband to cheat, he will come back when he is tired says marriage counselor

A marriage counselor has advised women to allow their husbands cheat on them because they will come back to them when they are tired. Sighs.

Mrs Charlotte Oduro is a marriage counselor in Ghana and for the past few years, she has been advising both women and men on how to make their marriages and relationships work.

In an interview with Accra based Hitz Fm , she advised women not to worry themselves over their husbands cheating on them and that these cheating men often come back to their senses after they are tired of running around town with different women.

According to her, no wife should think her case is different because a lot of women have cheating husbands even though she believes cheating is bad in marriages.

Allow your husbands cheat says Charlotte Oduro

“She should never think we have never seen it before. I have been married for eleven years. I have seen relationships, I have gone through them. I am not saying cheating is the best thing but I am not losing my husband to any woman. I won’t do it. Maybe the fault is coming from me. If the men do not know where they are coming from you are his help mate.”

She advised women thus: “If you are reasonable and you are working, he is cheating, let him cheat, when he finish, he’ll come because you are too busy taking care of him and making sure he dresses well.

According to this marriage counsellor, marriage needs a lot of sacrifice and women need to learn this.

“Men have ego, you can’t change it, that’s the way they are, women need to submit, give him that respect. Work, let him cheat, when he’s tired he will come back. Women stop being suspicious, leave him, do your part as a woman in your home.”



It is this kind of useless, senseless and foolish advice that has sent many women to their graves. I don’t understand why a sane human being would open her mouth and say such nonsense.

Women should stop tolerating cheating men because they might not live to tell the story when these irresponsible goats infect them with incurable STDs or HIV.

Women, cheating is endangering your lives, stop making excuses for men who cheat on you. Send these men back to their mistresses, you don’t have to be his dumping ground.


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