By the end of the quarantine, a lot of marriages will be over says Joro Olumofin

Joro Olumofin stated that by the end of the Coronavirus quarantine and stay at home precaution mood, a lot of marriages will be over.

According to him: “The Coronavirus is altering lives around the world. Social distancing and quarantine are major ways to stop this pandemic.

The fact remains that a lot of relationships and marriages are not ready for the quarantine.

Being indoors with their partners for 30 days or more, without their favourite activities, most men are not going to handle this well.

By the end of the quarantine a lot of marriages will be over

Ninety percent of husbands can’t survive without:

Watching sports and betting on sports…

Night outings…

Side chicks (for those husbands who cheat)…

A lot of husbands don’t want to be around their wives for some reasons…

80 percent of husbands don’t want sex with their wives anymore as sex is now a chore…

70 percent of wives are no longer used to:

Making three square meals and doing house chores.

A lot of wives don’t know how to hold decent conversations with their husbands anymore.

This quarantine is going to be like a social experiment for most couples.

Staying indoors without any distractions might destroy many marriages.

By the end of the quarantine, a lot of marriages will be over because couples are not used to being together without extraneous variables.

But for some couples, their bond may grow stronger.”



While I may agree that he raised some salient points about some couples being flatmates for a long time while pretending to be married, how did he arrive at the statistics of men who can’t cope with the quarantine and women who can’t cook three square meals or hold intelligent conversations with their partners?

Are women created to cook? What happened to men cooking meals for their families? Is cooking skill installed in women or what?

I believe that this is the best time for spouses to go back to the drawing board and work on their marriages with honesty. Men and women should make efforts to keep their marriages going. This is the best time for couples to draw closer to one another.


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  1. Ebube says:

    Some of his points were indeed flawed

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