Experts warn that not wearing bras during lockdown may cause saggy breasts

I know a lot of women who don’t like wearing bras at home. For these women, staying home during this coronavirus lockdown means walking around the house free from bras.

For some women like me who have small breasts, we don’t bother wearing bras at home but experts are saying that not wearing bras at this time may leave women with saggy breasts.

An expert has revealed how being tempted to go braless during the coronavirus lockdown could have long term affects on women’s breasts.

Victoria Shelton, Garment Technologist at told FEMAIL that if breasts are unsupported they could suffer damage to the Cooper’s Ligament, the connective tissue in the breast that help maintain structural integrity.

Not wearing bras at home may leave women with saggy breasts

And Dr Riccardo Frati of Frati Cosmetic Surgery explained that bras are important in maintaining support as breasts tend to sag over time due to gravity and age.

Anna Akerlund, head of sales at Luxury French underwear brand Lousia Bracq, explained that going without a bra could affect your posture especially for large breasted women and the shape of your breasts.

This came as women across the UK rejoiced as they took to Instagram and Twitter to reveal they were enjoying the comfort of being bra-free during lockdown – and FEMAIL spoke to a bra-fitter for top tips on comfortable alternatives.

Garment Technologist Victoria said: ‘Our wardrobe needs have changed as we find ourselves at home. But we all still need to wear a bra as our breasts need to be supported – due to their weight you may damage your posture or have back pain if your breasts aren’t fully supported.

‘If breasts are left unsupportive damage can occur to the coopers ligament in the breast, causing them to sag.’

Explaining how you can compromise in comfort at home, she added: ‘But we can switch to something super comfortable so we can enjoy that no bra feeling and that’s what women are clearly doing.

‘For comfortable alternatives, look for flexi wires (often used in maternity style) they give the shape of a traditional under wire but are super flexible and an alternative to non wired styles.

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