I will never negotiate with con artists Toke Makinwa states as some guys threaten to publish her nude pictures

Toke Makinwa stated that she won’t negotiate with con artists and scammers as some guys threatened to publish her nude pictures online.

Toke Makinwa made her stand known as she published two of the supposed nude pictures the blackmailers wanted to use to obtain money from her. She even said the pictures were edited.

She wrote:

Is this really how low we’ve become? I understand that things are hard, I get that feeding off each other and scamming people will be on the rise but I’ve never and would never negotiate with con artists/scammers.

Toke Makinwa won’t negotiate with con artists

I am sharing this ahead of your threats to release these edited/false images cos this is disappointing, this is not humanity, there is a pandemic killing people and there’s also certain human beings wanting to exploit people in a time when we should all spread love and kindness.

Stop with your bloody emails already. I am not the one, not yesterday, not today, not ever. I don’t have any money to give you.”


Some people are trying to publish Toke Makinwa nude pictures

This is the best way to deal with these twats who think that they can suddenly wake up and start threatening women with releasing their nude pictures if these women don’t give them money.

I don’t understand how some people will go through life being useless to themselves and despicable at the same time. No sensible human being would attempt to do something like this.

People are struggling to make ends meet in this hard country and some people just feel entitled to fleecing money from them through blackmail.

Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa has told them that she doesn’t have money to give them, they can do their worst and publish the pictures. It’s not a new thing.

Nigerian women should learn from Toke Makinwa and stop negotiating with touts who don’t have sense or a decent means of livelihood. You just beat them in their own game.


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