10 things a man who really loves will always do

There are things a man who really loves you will constantly do. If a man loves you, you will know. He won’t make you confused about what he feels for you.

I’m sorry for women who continue putting up with men who don’t love them because they have spent years together with these men. It’s a pity.

It hurts to see women chasing men who don’t care about them and claiming that it is not easy to let go of a loveless, toxic and unsatisfying relationships.

Why wallow in constant misery because you are afraid to start all over again? What gain is there in trying so desperately to keep an unwilling man in your life? Do you want to kill yourself?

Ladies, love shouldn’t be forced. Relationships are not to be forced. If you both are not on the same page, find your way. That man treating you badly is not the only man on earth.

You didn’t come to this world to beg for scraps of another person’s affection and attention. Stop doing that to yourself. Love yourself above any relationship.

10 ways to know a man really loves you

Here are 10 things a man who really loves you will constantly do:

1. He accepts you just the way you are. He won’t try to change to change who you are to fit into who he thinks you should be.

2. He makes you his priority. He shows you through his words and actions how important you are to him. He makes you feel so special.

3. He supports your dreams and plans to better yourself. He is not threatened by your desire to be a successful woman.

4. He expresses his feelings to you. He is not ashamed of what he feels for you and he is not ashamed to show you off too.

5. He trusts you wholeheartedly. He is not possessive and controlling. He doesn’t throw tantrums about who you call or about your friends. He respects your privacy.

6. He apologizes when he’s wrong. He doesn’t play the gender card and claim that men can do no wrong because they are the heads. He says sorry as at when due and means it.

7. He laughs with you, plays with you, and jokes around with you. You are your goofy self with him because he loves seeing you happy.

8. He keeps in touch with you through calls, messages and chats. He’s not too busy to hear your voice and you don’t have to chase him around to know how he’s doing.

9. He makes your problems his problems. He doesn’t disappear when you are facing challenges and resurfaces when everything is over as if nothing happened.

10. He creates time for bonding. He knows how important it is to spend quality time with you and he is committed to enjoying that with you.

If the man you are dating or married to doesn’t possess the qualities listed above, you are dating yourself or married to yourself or your children.

Stop making excuses for how bad that man treats you. You deserve better. You shouldn’t be used to a bad relationship. It’s not fair on you and your mental health.



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