Men without ambition love to live off successful women

Men without ambition love to live off successful women. The most they can offer these smart, purpose driven and high flying women are dicks and distractions.

This is why successful young ladies have to stay woke and stop being unequally yoked with men who don’t know what they want and have no ambition. These men just bring their penis and oversized egos to the relationship.

When I see successful young ladies allow these men live off them, demand respect which they don’t give and treat these ladies badly, my heart breaks.

How can you not see that the only thing that man is interested in is your money? How can you not see that he doesn’t invest anything in that relationship that is draining you emotionally and mentally other than his dick and some minutes of sex?

How can you not see through his facade to know that if you are one who wants a committed relationship, he’s not the one for you because he’s enjoying life at your expense and wasting your time?

I know a young lady who met a guy who claimed to be a successful businessman when they first met a year ago. He did everything in his power to win her heart.

Men without ambition love to live off successful women


When they finally started dating, it became obvious that everything he told her about himself was a lie or a twisted version of what looks like the truth.

He claimed to have bought a house in a posh area in Lagos but she later discovered that it was his parents house and they were out of the country on their annual vacation.

He doesn’t have an apartment but he wears designer’s clothes and shoes and lies about his financial status a lot. He believes women should feed and clothe men they love even if these men are idle and are not doing anything to earn a living.

This guy started pestering this lady about moving in with her two months after they met but she refused. She told him she loves her freedom and doesn’t need anyone in get space telling her what to do.

The guy became controlling. He wanted her to dress in a certain way, talk in a certain way, agree with everything he says in public whether it was sensible or not, suck up to his jobless friends and also cook for them whenever he wants.

The lady told him she can’t put up with his many demands as her own idea of a relationship is different from his and trouble started. He started sending her insulting messages telling her that she will die single as no man will put up with a proud woman like her.

At a point, he told her to lend him 500k to start a business and he would pay back in three months. She gave him 100k and when it was time to pay her back, he claimed she gave him the money out of love and he doesn’t owe her a dime.

At another time, he took her car for almost a week and she had to force him to return it. He said he needed it for a day to attend an important event but he took it to his parent’s house and parked it while telling her that she should just dash him the car since she has two cars.

When she took her car back and broke up with him, he went to social media to throw jabs at her and started whining about how today’s women don’t know how to build their men. He said they are just gold diggers who want rich men to fund their lifestyle.

That lady told me that she’s happy she broke up with him because it was obvious that he wanted to sponge off her while forming to be the man whenever they go out.

This is why I always tell successful and driven women to stay away from men who don’t ambition and life plans, they will live off them, drain them financially and emotionally and still slut shame them.

These men bring nothing but drama into relationships. They just want women who will fund their lifestyle while they pretend to be important.


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  1. Natacha says:

    Successful driven women really have to be careful with make a good choice of abmitous men, because even those that appears abmitous, might still posses selfishness and greed in them.

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