No matter how much you miss a toxic person, don’t contact them

Dear woman, no matter how much you miss a toxic person, please don’t contact them. Leave that person in your past.

Leave a toxic person where you left them. It’s not worth it going back to what broke you in the first place. Be deliberate about your life and relationships.

That toxic person will hurt you again. They will make you sad again. They will make you question yourself again. They will mess with your head and self esteem again. They will leave you worse than before.

You deserve nothing but peace and happiness. You deserve to enjoy healthy relationships. You deserve to live a stress less life and you won’t enjoy these with a toxic person.

You don’t need to feel drained and exhausted over someone else or because you want them in your life. You don’t have to endure a toxic relationship because you don’t want to be alone.

No matter how much you miss a toxic person leave them in your past


You are someone’s soulmate. Someone is missing the idea of you. Someone somewhere is looking to build a beautiful relationship with you. You don’t have to settle for less.

The only way to win a toxic person is not to play their game. You don’t have to prove anything to anybody by enduring bad treatment from another person.

When it comes to overcoming toxicity, you have to choose you first. You have to love yourself enough to walk away from a toxic person who is emotionally and psychologically draining you.

When I tell women to stop enduring toxic, they start making excuses for the men treating them badly. They tell you that it’s not easy to walk away from such men.

Some of these women even accuse me of teaching Nigerian women to be heartless in their relationships and I just laugh. It’s funny how some women choose toxicity over love, respect, companionship and happiness.

Dear woman, leave that toxic person alone and move on with your life. Stop hoping that they will change. Move on with your life. Better days are ahead.


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