Why most men want to live off single moms -Victoria Inyama

It is a glaring reality that many young men love to live off single moms these days. These young men who sneak into these women’s lives under the guise of loving them and proposing marriage are just after how much money they can get from these women.

This is one of the present challenges single moms parents face in our society. As a single mom, you are not really sure if that guy who is professing love to you truly loves you or he is just after your money so that he can survive or live large.

Single moms just have to be careful while dealing with these men with sweet tongues who need money all the time for rent, clothes, fix their cars and start up a business or revamp a non existent business.

Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama, a mother of four advised female lone parents to be on the alert for men who are out there to deceive and render them bankrupt with fake love and false marriage promises.

Why most men live off single moms

Victoria Inyama wrote:

“Female lone parents should know that they and their children have been through so much, so be they need to be careful with that man coming into their lives, especially in the west where a lot of the guys just enjoy living off women.

Dear single mum, before you accept all the toasting, please know what he really wants; a relationship or a person to use.

There are awesome guys out there who would date and marry a lady with children but majority of them just want to live off single mothers.

They may borrow money or beg you to take out credit for them or even move in with you, please ensure that that guy has a job that can pay for his lifestyle.

Don’t be fooled by his words and Social media lifestyle. All na wash wash. Don’t be afraid to be alone and take good care of yourself and your children.

Once they cannot use you, they claim you are difficult. It is better to be difficult than stupid because if they can’t get from you, they will move on to the next victim.

Moreover, if you dig deep you will find out that they are really married and their wife is tired of funding their lifestyles.”

Nigerian single moms should be as wise as serpents while dealing with men these days to avoid stories that touch the heart and bank accounts. A word is enough for wise single moms.


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  1. Helen Okpala says:

    This is pure truth. Only an extraordinary man comes sincere to single mums who have means of income. Irresponsible men are just too much, unfortunately. Women, please keep being careful and sensitive. Never get tired.

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