Avoid self pity if you want to experience new things in life

Dear woman, if you want to experience new things in life, resist the urge to always feel sorry for yourself. Self pity won’t do you any good.

Women who always feed on self pity instead of taking action to change what they don’t like about their lives and relationships don’t live a good life.

I know that things might have happened to you that hurt you and broke you but you shouldn’t go through life being a victim.

Break out of that victim mentality. Refuse to be the one people always gather around to pity or tell sorry.

If you are unhappy about your life and the people around you, you have a choice to change things. Quit constant complaining.

You can sit back and continue to be a victim or make the courageous decision to rise above your pains. The choice is yours.

You don’t have to live the life others understand or want you to live. Your life is yours. Your path in life is yours. You have to decide what you want in life.


Do what’s best for you, no one is walking in your shoes. You are not a victim, don’t live like one. You are a survivor, never forget that. Avoid self pity, that’s a terrible mindset.

This is what I don’t like about Nigerian women in abusive and toxic marriages. They love playing the victim so that people will constantly pity them.

These women stay with men who physically and verbally abuse them yet they stay and constantly whine about how badly their husbands treat them to everyone who cares to listen yet they won’t do anything to stop being victims.

Being a victim strips you of self worth and dignity. It strips you of the strength to come out of a bad situation. Victim mentality is a bad thing and unfortunately, it affects many Nigerian women.

When you hear these women talk about being treated badly by their men, you would think they are comparing horror stories to see who has the worst abuse story. Its terrible.

Nigerian women need to break free from this now. If you want to live a good life and experience new things, do away with victim mentality.

Women, stop being victims and take charge of your life. Self pity won’t do you good. Refuse to always feel sorry for yourself. Be strong!


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